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System Visualization Software

System Visualization software packages enable the utilities to visualize the entire system through a detailed graphic display and it is just a click away. They can help the operator to make better decisions by comparing real-time systems, simulated systems and historical information in a user friendly manner. Also, the operator can quickly identify any network anomalies and patterns on spatial views using map displays, colors, symbols and animation.


As the description explains, a system visualization software presents an operator with the complete view of mimic boards, one-line diagrams, substation views, area views and more on a single PC screen. Also, these can help in preventing and managing outages with just a single portal at hand.

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
ETAP 09/30/10
PowerWorld 09/30/10
Siemens 09/30/10
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) 09/30/10


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