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Paging Network

A paging system is a one-way radio system providing the means to send an alert signal or a short message to a pager. A variety of technologies, including microwave and satellite, can be used to provide paging services. Although many paging systems remain proprietary or licensed, examples of existing paging standards include Post Office Code Standard Advisory Group (POCSAG) and European Radio Messaging System (ERMES). POCSAG supports 512, 1200 and 2400 bps while ERMES supports data at a speed of 6,250 bps.

The message can be a tone signal, numerical or alphanumerical message or transparent binary string. The paging system does not have a precise knowledge of the location of pager, therefore, the same paging message is sent in a larger geographical area. As far as a paging transmitter is concerned, RF tower transmits messages over a wider area (25-30 mile radius) than cellular transmitters. In order to provide large coverage areas with reliable transmissions, the same message must be sent by several/all base stations simultaneously around the paging area. Each message is pre-pended with an electronic address called Radio Identity Code (RIC) which matches the pager. When the pager receives the RIC it alerts and displays the message.


In addition to sending alert signals or short messages to remote or mobile terminals, a paging system is widely used by a utility to perform load control [1], capacitor bank control [2], and distribution feeder device control, and providing outage notification services. A paging system can also provide low speed communication links to substations.


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