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Advanced Feeder Automation

Advanced Feeder Automation, a subset of Distribution Automation, consists of fault detection, isolation and reconfiguration/restoration (FDIR) in feeder lines of distribution systems. FDIR is achieved through the use of sensors, controllers, communication networks, intelligent electronic devices (IED) and software. Fault detection is performed by IED enhanced faulted circuit indicators (FCI) and relays. Isolation and restoration are achieved through the use of IED enhanced circuit breakers/interruptors and reclosers respectively. FDIR can be managed centrally by the supervisory control and data acquisition system or via distributed intelligence and peer-to-peer technology. The overall objective of FDIR is to minimize the impact of outage on the customer.


Advanced Feeder Automation is used in distribution system fault detection, fault isolation, and service restoration.


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Key Technology Area: 
Advanced Control Methods

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
Siemens 09/30/10
General Electric (GE) Energy 09/30/10
Cooper Power Systems 09/30/10
Cisco 09/30/10
ABB 09/30/10


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