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Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS)

“A wide area measurement system (WAMS) consists of advanced measurement technology, information tools, and operational infrastructure that facilitate the understanding and management of the increasingly complex behavior exhibited by large power systems. In its present form, a WAMS may be used as a stand-alone infrastructure that complements the grid’s conventional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. As a complementary system, a WAMS is expressly designed to enhance the operator’s real-time "situational awareness" that is necessary for safe and reliable grid operation.”


A wide area measurement system uses different technology to provide complete monitoring, protection, and control of the power system.


[1] Hadley, et al. Securing Wide Area Measurement Systems, Pacific Northwest national Laboratory. June 2007. URL: http://www.oe.energy.gov/DocumentsandMedia/Securing_WAMS.pdf

Key Technology Area: 
Sensing and Measurement

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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) 09/30/10
General Electric (GE) Power 09/30/10
ABB 09/30/10


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