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Fiber Optic Sensor

A fiber optic sensor uses light pulses through a medium of glass or plastic fiber to either process signals from an attached sensor or as the actual sensing element. When a fiber optic sensor is used with an attached sensor the fiber optic sensor connects with a mechanical or electrical sensor with a light source that can produce signals to transmit along the fiber. When a fiber optic sensor is used as the actual sensing element the fiber optic sensor is picking up a light source, to be measured directly. In both cases the light signal from the fiber optic sensor can be transported along the medium, with the use of repeaters, to a location where the signal can be interpreted.


A fiber optic sensor used as a sensing element measures properties of light, where a fiber optic sensor used in conjunction with a mechanical or electrical sensor can measure any mechanical or electrical property.

Key Technology Area: 
Sensing and Measurement

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Honeywell Sensing and Control 09/30/10


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