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Circuit Breaker Monitoring System

A circuit breaker monitoring system uses measurement apparatus at the circuit breaker, often wirelessly, to measure operational parameters of a circuit and circuit breaker, such that when current flow is interrupted during normal operation the condition of the circuit breaker can determined to increase system reliability.


Circuit breaker monitoring system is used to monitor and analyze the health of circuit breakers.

Key Technology Area: 
Sensing and Measurement

Sample Vendors:
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SF6 breakers are critical to reliable operation of utility grids and, with increasing fleet age, are a target of continuous improvement of maintenance practices. The breakers' importance, coupled with a growing focus on environmental stewardship, has led many utilities to investigate better ways to monitor SF6 breakers and minimize maintenance costs associated with SF6 leaks. MISTRAS has developed a wireless SF6 Monitoring System to address the need for accurate low cost predictive monitoring and not traditional stand alone alarm monitoring. The system combines the latest advances in sensor, processor, wireless mesh networking & energy harvesting technology and packaging, combined with patented algorithms that accurately track gas loss and allows for proactive rather than costly reactive maintenance. The system is scalable where new sensor nodes can be added and configured in minutes.

12/26/10 Arturo Nunez Substation Reliability Manager, MISTRAS group
ABB 09/30/10
General Electric (GE) Energy 09/30/10
Schweitzer Engineering laboratories (SEL) 09/30/10
Siemens 09/30/10


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