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Battery Monitoring System

The term battery management system can have multiple meanings, from simple battery monitoring, to critical redundancy monitoring when used in standby power applications, to a necessary component of a complex system when used in automotive applications.

- A simple battery monitoring system keeps a check on the key operational parameters during charging and discharging. When items such as voltage, current, and temperature are out of tolerance the monitoring circuits tend to disconnect the battery from the source, alter the charging and discharging cycles, or generate alarms to provide protection.

- When used in standby power applications, the battery management systems provide critical redundancy with the grid as the final defense against power outages and brownouts. The battery monitoring system not only monitors and provides protection to the battery, but it also works to prolong battery life and keep the battery near full capacity for when power is needed. The battery monitoring system can include everything from controlling the charging regime to providing external notification.

- When used in complex automotive systems, the battery management system acts as a fast acting energy management system between the batteries and other balance-of-plant system components. This integration becomes even more relevant with smart grid as plug-in hybrid and all electric vehicles penetrate the automotive market.


A battery management system is used to monitor the battery and manage its usage.


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Sensing and Measurement

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