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Advanced Protective Relays

Advanced Protective Relays are micro-processor-based devices that avoid unnecessary trips, isolate faults, protect motors and breakers, and provide system information. In addition to the normal functions performed by protective relays, advanced relays have the capabilities to:
- Process significantly higher amount of information
- Perform meticulous calculations of electrical quantities like harmonics very easily
- Provide secure and reliable exchange of information with remote locations digitally.
- Enable continuous monitoring of protection relay integrity by self supervision and auto-diagnostics [1].


Advanced Protective relays can be applied to areas such as integrated fault location, hi-z distribution fault detection, advanced transformer and bus-fault-detection algorithms, and also used along with network communication [2].


[1] Application Guide for the choice of protective relays, CEE Relays Ltd. URL: http://www.ceerelays.co.uk/brochures/CEE%20PRAG.pdf
[2] NETL, Compendium of Smart Grid Technologies. URL: http://www.netl.doe.gov/smartgrid/referenceshelf/whitepapers/Compendium_of_Technologies_APPROVED_2009_08_18.pdf

Key Technology Area: 
Advanced Components

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AREVA 09/30/10
Cooper Industries 09/30/10
GE 09/30/10


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