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Universal Power Interface

Universal Power Interface uses intense amounts of logic and can bi-directionally transfer power between any combination of its connections. For example, the Heart Transverter HT2000 power module has two DC connections and two AC connections. Each DC terminal can connect to anything from 10-50 volts to things like batteries of any chemistry, solar panels, fuel cells, DC wind generators, alternators, etc. The AC connections are for AC loads, the Grid and generators. This Transverter system includes a remote panel, which reports the condition of everything connected to the system and allows the user to control how power is managed. The remote panel has a USB interface allowing for connection to any computer for updates, custom configurations and in-depth live analysis of everything connected to it. The Power Interface can simultaneously be any combination of inverter, grid-tie inverter, UPS, charge controller, DC-DC converter, programmable power supply or load bank, etc. [1].


The Universal Power Interface can be used for the following applications:
-Automatic surge assist to grid
-Automatic power factor correction to grid
-Community Energy Storage capability
-Real time information and datalogging.


[1] Transverter.com. URL: http://www.transverter.com/smart.html

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
Heart Transverter S.A.

The HT2000 power module by Heart Transverter is a Universal Power Interface that, by using intense amounts of logic, can bi-directionally transfer power between any combination of its four connections. It is an integrated system simultaneously controlling and exchanging power and information between all the applications.

10/14/10 Heart Akerson Corporate & Marketing, Heart Transverter S. A


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