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NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel as a Paradigm for “Smart” Water Standards
David Wollman

The presenter discusses Smart Grid success factors as follows: 1) Champions: identification of smart grid as national priority by Congress and Administration; 2) Active Coordination: within Federal Government and with private sector, standards developing organizations, and regulatory community; 3) Leadership and Visibility: NIST Three-Phase Plan with White House kickoff; 4) Planning, Organization and Governance: NIST standards process including NIST Framework and Smart Grid Interoperability Panel; 5) Funding: ARRA plus appropriations (including DOE); 6) Federal Government convening function: workshops, stakeholder input, targeted activities; 7) Expertise: leverage existing expertise, build new, address longer-term measurement science/R&D needs.

Federal Smart Grid Task Force EISA Title XIII, Section 1303 is responsible for ensuring awareness, coordination, and integration of the diverse smart grid activities in the US Federal Government. Its purposes are: 1) Coordinate inter-governmental smart grid activities; 2) Collaborate on interoperability framework; 3) Review biannual smart grid system report mandated by US Congress; 4) Ensure awareness of Federal smart grid activities; 5) Support the National Science and Technology Council / Interagency Working Group on Smart Grid.

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