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D8: Planners Perform Analytics Using Historical SmartConnect Data

This use case describes how distribution planners can use data from the SmartConnect Network Management System (NMS) to improve longterm planning of the distribution network. Various external industry groups and agencies have developed use cases that describe the use of historical loading information to predict the results of immediate switching decisions or to optimize assets in the short term. The goal of this use case is to describe the process of using historical information on the loading of circuits, segments and branches to develop longer term planning forecasts (1-,5-,10-year) and to direct decision-making as to which sections of the distribution system should be targeted/prioritized with investment capital for upgrades, load growth projects, etc.

This use case also discusses how SmartConnect data can help automate other analytic tasks typically performed by distribution planners, for example, the process of creating reliability reports and analyzing the impact of customer choices on the grid, such as demand response participation and integration of distributed generation.

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Southern California Edison
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