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Last Gasp Message – Outage Notification V3.0

Many AMI systems offer endpoints with a “last gasp” transmission capability to tell the utility that the endpoints have lost power. This last-gasp transmission serves as a surrogate for the customer’s call, often allowing the problem to be fixed before the customer even becomes aware of the outage. AMI systems also work well in helping the OMS and dispatcher understand and efficiently respond to widespread outage conditions Restoration messages will follow a similar path. This use case is unique as it is initiated at the NIC ESP when it detects a zero voltage event lasting more than 45 seconds. The NIC ESP then issues a last gasp message that flows back to the enterprise without any request from an enterprise system The Last Gasp Message is routed through the AMI Network to the AMI Head-End. The AMI Head-End publishes the message where it is consumed by the Meter Outage Processor (MOP) and the Operational Data Store (ODS) who subscribes to the message.

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