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OMS On-Demand (Poll) V3.0

This use case describes the Outage Management System (OMS) on-demand poll. The on-demand polling by the Outage Management System (OMS) is used in similar circumstances as a ping from the OMS. With the deployment of Smart Grid and AMI the utility has the ability for network operators to proactively manage large and complex networks in a more advance way. Today’s AMI technology capabilities allow the network operators to:
• Ability to Poll any Device or Meter at any time
• Ability to Poll a meter & verify a no-light call
• Ability to evaluate the entire circuit or feeder
• Provide the network operator with prediction validation
• Provide additional information for locating the faulted device
• Outage restoration verification
• Identification of potential nested outages
• Improved Network Operator System Visualization

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