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NEDO- PV output forecasting

The microgrid is a localized power network consisting of Distributed Generation/Loads, such as photovoltaics(PV), with bi-directional ICT communication. Energy usage inside the microgrid (Smart Grid) is optimized by its own energy management system (called“μEMS”).
For the microgrid including PV generation, PV output forecast is essential to the μEMS mainly for two functions; “day-ahead schedule” and “online schedule update”. The former requires forecast for 1 week ahead or so with a temporal resolution of 1h (hereinafter called “long range PV forecast”), and the latter requires forecast for 3 hours ahead or more with a temporal resolution of 1 minute( hereinafter called “short range PV forecast”). This use case describes the steps to provide the μEMS with each forecast in some different methods.

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