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Security Profile for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (version 2.0)
The Advanced Security Acceleration Project (ASAP-SG)

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure Security (AMI-SEC) Task Force was established August 2007 under the Utility Communications Architecture International Users Group (UCAIug) to develop consistent security guidelines for AMI. This document represents the security concerns of the AMI-SEC Task Force and provides guidance and security controls to organizations developing or implementing AMI solutions. The intent of the document is to provide prescriptive, actionable guidance for how to build-in and implement security for AMI smart grid functionality. This guidance is neutral to vendor specific implementations and architectures.
The scope of this work extends from the meter data management system (MDMS) up to and including the home area network (HAN) interface of the smart meter. Informative security guidance may be provided for systems and components relevant but beyond the explicitly designated scope. In developing this guidance, the task force examined community-established AMI use cases, evaluated risk for AMI, and utilized a security service domain analysis. The task force then modified and enhanced controls from the Department of Homeland Security to produce the recommended cyber security controls for AMI. The actionable portion of this document is the resulting catalog of controls applicable to AMI systems and components.

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The Advanced Security Acceleration Project for the Smart Grid (ASAP-SG)