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Data Acquisition and Control (DAC)

The Data Acquisition and Control (DAC) function, used in transmission and distribution operations, comprises multiple types of mechanisms for data retrieval from field equipment and the issuing of control commands to power system equipment in the field, including among field devices, between field devices and systems located in substations, and between field devices and various systems (including, but not limited to, SCADA systems) located in DER and utility control centers and engineering/planning centers. Objectives: The DAC function provides real-time data, statistical data, and other calculated and informational data from the power system to systems and applications that use the data. The DAC function also supports the issuing of control commands to power system equipment and the setting of parameters in IEDs and other field systems. Rationale: Power system real-time data is source of most information required for power system operations. Control over the power system equipment can be achieved by issuing control commands and setting parameters.

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