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System Operator Switches Feeders Based On Contingency Analysis

Key applications are needed that apply to system operations, both at the substation and feeder level are vital to the optimized operation of the utility...these include remote feeder switching between feeders and substations, VAr dispatch, and Voltage dispatch. Though not rocket science, the development of applications that address these traditional operations have the potential to add significant economic value and operating improvements to the systems under discussion. It may be that data sets can be identified, that when implemented will help streamline these operations, enabling economic, system stability and safety benefits.
• Application monitors system for connectivity and IED placement on the utility grid using CIM and for system loads using IEC61850.
• When switching is required, calculations are run to project loading on each switchable utility grid segment for the period of time the switch action will be in place.
• The application then analyzes operating contingency options and advises the System Operator on which switching operations are viable from and operating viewpoint.
• System Operator then selects the switch sequence and initiates an automated switching process.

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