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Synchro Phasor

This system provides synchronized and time-tagged voltage and current phasor measurements to any protection, control, or monitoring function that requires measurements taken from several locations, whose phase angles are measured against a common, system wide reference. This is an extension of simple phasor measurements, commonly made with respect to a local reference. Present day implementation of many protection, control, or monitoring functions are hobbled by not having access to the phase angles between local and remote measurements. With system wide phase angle information, they can be improved and extended. The essential concept behind this system is the system wide synchronization of measurement sampling clocks to a common time reference.
In addition to providing synchronized measurements, the synchro-phasor system distributes the measurements. Voltages and currents are measured at many nodes throughout the power grid. Any protection, control, or monitoring function can access measurements from several nodes, either by subscribing to continuous streams of data, or requesting snapshots as needed. In principle, any function could request measurements from any node, though in practice most functions require data from only a few nodes.

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