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Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city
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Lead Organization:
Tianjin Electric Power Company
HQ Location:
Tianjin, China
Project Contact Information:

7 Hanbei Rd, Tianjin Eco-city,
Tianjin 300467, China
Email: public@eco-city.net.cn

International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project Summary:

The Smart Grid Project in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city was started in April, 2010. The project planed six substations, two 220kV and four 110kV. Finally, a smart power supply network will be formed with 220kV and 110kV transmission network, 10~35kV distribution lines and 380V/220V low voltage distribution networks [1].

The total load in Tianjin Eco-city is estimated to 411.25MW, i.e. 12.02MW/km2 load density. The renewable generation will take 24.62% of the total generation to meet the planning requirements of the Eco-city.[1]

The total investment of the Eco-city has reached 369.9 million RMB, (about 54.6 million USD). The project will be finished at least 80% by the end of 2010 and finalized by the end of 2011. [1]

The Smart Grid Project in Tianjin Eco-city will include:

Intelligent distributed power generation systems with grid energy storage and diversified access;
Intelligent transmission systems with line digitization, standardization and safety;
Intelligent substations with integrated digital information and communication platform for networking, information sharing, standardization, advanced interactive applications;
Intelligent distribution network with intelligent self-healing, flexible, adjustable intelligent based on distribution automation;
Intelligent end use containing information collection system, two-way interactive marketing system, intelligent power district, building, home and electric car charging and discharging station;
Intelligent control and operation center with intelligent operational risk assessment, early warning and coordinated control of power supply security and optimal scheduling functions;
Dynamic multi-dimensional virtual visualization platform to provide the smart grid with geographic information integration, analysis and visualization function for operation [2].


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