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Application of San Diego Gas & Electric Company (U902M) for Authority, Among Other Things, to Increase Rates and Charges for Electric and Gas Service Effective on January 1, 2012.
Thomas Bialek

From the data and forecast currently available, SDG&E believes investment in mitigation of intermittent photovoltaic generation is necessary and the integrating renewable portfolio of projects should be funded at the requested levels.
No party disputes that electric vehicles are here and that the number is predicted to 16 increase. SDG&E’s case is compelling and it is imperative to fund the electric vehicle 17 growth portfolio of projects at the level requested in order address the coming PEV 18 consumer demand and to reduce potential market barriers to PEV adoption.
Smart Grid technologies, solutions and standards are rapidly evolving. SDG&E needs a Smart Grid test facility to address standard, integration and interoperability challenges for new and existing technologies and system. Therefore, it is imperative to fund the Integrated Test Facility project at the level requested to respond to the changes in the utility environment.

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