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The Networked Energy Web: The Convergence of Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, and Distributed Power Generation as the Next Frontier of the ICT Revolution
Bracken Hendricks & Adam Shepard James

This paper offers a strategy for accelerating the coming transformation of the U.S. electricity grid system into a truly integrated network that brings an exciting new set of services to consumers. This grid will dramatically improve the reliability and efficiency of our overall energy system, deeply cut the damaging environmental consequences of our mostly fossil-fueled economy, and improve overall economic productivity through innovation and advanced technology. When approached through this lens of technology deployment and infrastructure innovation, we find that there is ample precedent in the recent past for dramatic improvements to our nation’s strategic infrastructure over a small number of years. This research gives us profound optimism that the United States can finally align around a shared vision of energy opportunity fueled by investment and innovation.

This information was submitted by Jeremy Laundergan, Director, Utility Services Consulting, EnerNex, jlaundergan@enernex.com on 08/31/2012.

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White paper
Center for American Progress