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Lead Organization:
VEOLIA Environnement
HQ Location:
Nice, Cote d'Azur, France
Project Contact Information:

SMART GRID Deputy Director
VEOLIA Environnement – Research & Innovation
mail : yves.bertone@veolia.com

International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project Summary:

REFLEXE - REsponsible and FLEXible Electricity - is a Smart Grid project led by Veolia Environment, and part of France's "future investments program" with financial contribution of ADEME (French National Environment & Energy Agency) and the support of Nice Cote d'Azur city. The experiment takes place in Nice Côte d'Azur area and brings together the expertise of Veolia Environment, ALSTOM, Sagemcom, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA located at INES, and the engineering school SUPELEC.
Three major ambitions for Reflexe:
• To quantify, aggregate and optimize the flexibility of a portfolio of distributed energy resources. This includes industrial, commercial and tertiary demand side, storage and distributed production.
• To estimate the benefit from such aggregation in terms of generation / consumption balance on the power grid and integration of decentralized generation.
• To assess the viability of aggregators business model under new market model and issue recommendation in favor of the development of such business.
Veolia Environment through Dalkia, its energy division will operate in central, the aggregation center and locally, the energy process of tertiary and industrial sites. Alstom brings its expertise in aggregation and decision-making software for the diverse means of distributed power generation and storage. Sagemcom is supplying the data concentration equipment and the system needed to manage the communication and control services. The project's two institutional partners will contribute expertise in solar power generation and power storage (CEA-INES) and knowledge of power grids and systems science (Supélec).
A total of twenty industrial and tertiary sites in addition to solar farms will be equipped with measuring instruments and are participating in the experiment.
The project was launched in the beginning of 2011 and will last 4 years.
The south-eastern region of France where Reflexe is to be located is an “electric peninsula”. It produces only 40 percent of its energy needs for the moment. Reflexe project shall bring an economic, environmental friendly and sustainable model that shall contribute to the local power grid balance.

This information was submitted by Yves Bertone, Smart Grid Deputy Director, VEOLIA Environnement, yves.bertone@veolia.com on 09/17/2012.