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SmartGrid GB Plug-in Electric Vehicle Briefing Note
SmartGrid GB

The purpose of this paper is to inform the attendees of the PHEV EV Infrastructure and Business Japan 2012 conference of the interplay between greater Plug-In electric vehicle uptake and smart grid development in Great Britain. Plug-in electric vehicles or PEVs refers to both plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and full electric vehicles (EVs). The British electricity networks will not be able to sustain future energy needs such as the increased electricity demand that comes with the decarbonisation of heat and the increased use of Plug-in electric vehicles. Using conventional technology to ensure that the grid is able to meet future energy needs has been projected to cost £46bn, but this could be reduced by around £19bn with the use smart technology options (SmartGrid GB, 2012). Two emerging smart grid technologies that can help the grid withstand the electricity demand that Plug-in Vehicles require are demand response and vehicle to grid integration technologies. As the Plug-in electric vehicle market grows an understanding of how these smart grid solutions can enable greater Plug-in electric vehicle use will become ever more important to those in the PEV marketplace.

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