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Demand Response and Smart Grid in Ontario
Paul Shervill

The presentation starts with information about Rodan Energy. Ontario's Smart Grid related initiatives are then highlighted. It also provides Ontario's plan of investing $200 M over the next five years, and Canada's plan of investing $15 B per year for the next 20 years. In this presentation, the current grid, the Smart Grid, Smart Homes and Ontario's road map for Smart Homes for 2015, 2020, and 2030 are provided.

A case study of Canada's largest food company Loblaw is presented in this document. 170 retail locations of Loblaw are brought under the Demand Response program using lighting and HVAC. Challenges, opportunities and results have also been presented in this document. peaksaverâ„¢ is another DR program which is presented here as a case study. peaksaverâ„¢ involves thousands of residential and small commercial facilities and represents over 144 MW of demand response capacity.

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