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Grinpal Energy Management
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Lead Organization:
Grinpal Energy Management
HQ Location:
New Delhi, India
Project Contact Information:

50 Oak Avenue
Highveld Techno Park,
Centurion, 0046
Email: info@grinpal.co.za

International Project Category :
Advanced Metering Infrastructure 
Project Summary:

Grinpal Energy Management, the energy-producing arm of Saab Grintek, has begun deploying smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure in New Delhi, India. Saab Grintek is a technology firm headquartered out of South Africa [1].

According to [1], Saab Grintek's first deployment began in the Tata area, where Grinpal hopes to have 500,000 installations complete by 2010. The new smart system helps protect Indian consumers from power shutoffs by sending text messages to a cell phone or the in-home display on the smart meter. The smart meter makes a buzzing sound to let a ratepayer know that the utility company has sent a message. This same process is being used to notify consumers that some drastic load shedding or a power outage is scheduled.


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