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Energy Efficiency Demonstration: Executive Summary

The Energy Efficiency Demonstration was a field-performance assessment of emerging, efficient end-use technologies, deployed with extensive measurement instrumentation at multiple sites throughout the United States. EPRI collaborated with fourteen utilities spread throughout the United States. The selected technologies were known to have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial applications. The technologies demonstrated were: light emitting diode (LED) for use in street and area lighting (LEDSAL), ductless heat pumps (DHPs), variable refrigerant flow (VRF), advanced clothes washers and dryers, advanced refrigerators, heat pump water heaters (HPWH), and technologies for reducing energy consumption in data centers, including airflow management, efficient power supplies, and DC power distribution. The Demonstration began in the spring of 2009 and completed data collection in March of 2012. For each of the technologies, this report provides an industry and technology overview, documents potential savings, discusses applicable standards and provides results and analysis of the laboratory work and the field demonstrations—particularly energy savings, reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.

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