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Smart Grid Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Projects Assessment

This report, Smart Grid Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Projects Assessment, develops a methodology and quantitative metrics to evaluate Smart Grid projects related to integrating distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid and market operations, including distributed generation, storage, demand response, and renewables. This project includes a Smart Grid project self-assessment spreadsheet that identifies characteristics important for Smart Grid projects to achieve integration of distributed resources—that is, those characteristics that indicate the extent to which these projects can fulfill the Smart Grid objectives. The assessment methodology is then applied to a sample project showing before-and-after Smart Grid technology implementations and Smart Grid benefit changes. In addition, a spreadsheet to identify key characteristics of DER Smart Grid projects is included for the first three EPRI Smart Grid demonstration projects. Tracking Smart Grid project characteristics is an important collaborative tool to inform the industry of “who’s doing what” in Smart Grid activities to encourage collaboration that will further the interoperability and widespread penetration of DER.

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