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Smart Energy Collective (SEC)
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Lead Organization:
HQ Location:
Arnhem, Netherlands
Project Contact Information:

DNV KEMA: Mr F. Verheij, Director Smart Energy at DNV KEMA,
Mail: Frits.Verheij@KEMA.com

International Project Category :
Integrated Systems 
Project URL:
Project Summary:

Decentralized renewable energy production, interaction with the end-user and two-way traffic between energy consumers and suppliers are essential to the future energy supply. Technological innovations and new services have to enable all these while securing an affordable and reliable energy supply. In order to achieve this, the Smart Energy Collective has defined the following objectives:

- The development, testing and – together with end-users – demonstration in practice of different combinations of integrated interoperable smart energy services with innovative technologies and infrastructures. The selection of these combinations shall be such that these can be utilized for several user groups and that a large scale roll-out provides for a viable business case.
- The creation of an open innovation environment and an associated organization so that all involved can learn more rapidly and launch products and services with reduced TTM (time-to-market).
- The development of a common market for smart grids with sufficient scale. In this way the Smart Energy Collective also wants to make a major contribution to standardization. For example like the mobile telephone network or Wi-Fi - one standard on the basis of which many products and services are created by various suppliers.

The Smart Energy Collective is going to put the application of smart energy systems into practice at five locations for five distinguished types of user groups spread around the Netherlands. This will create a realistic picture of how the smart grids and services perform in different circumstances.
The five projects are:
- Existing residential district in Heerhugowaard (‘SunCities’)
- New residential district with district heating in Goes
- All electric new residential district in Gorinchem
- Industrial area in Haarlemmermeer
- Combination of a number of office buildings at different locations

Additional Information:

Partners: ABB, Alliander, Eneco, Enexis, Essent, GasTerra, Gasunie, GEN Nederland, Heijmans, HUMIQ, IBM, Imtech, Itron, KEMA, Logica, Nedap, NXP, Philips, Rabobank, Siemens, Smart Dutch, Stedin, TenneT en Unica Installatiegroep.

Locations in the Netherlands: Arnhem, Zoetermeer, Goes, Heerhugowaard and several other locations, dealing with industrial areas, residential areas and office buildings.

Project Sponsor: Ministry of Economic Affairs and AgentschapNL


AgentschapNL: http://www.agentschapnl.nl/sites/default/files/ProSECco%20investigates%2...