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Couperus Smart Grid
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Lead Organization:
Stedin Netbeheer
HQ Location:
The Hague, Netherlands
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International Project Category :
Distribution Systems 
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Project Summary:

The Couperus apartment complex is being built in the Ypenburg district of The Hague. All 300 homes will get a heat pump which is coordinated by the PowerMatcher. This software system can optimally match electricity supply and demand, as a result of which peak loads and imbalances in the network are reduced. This means that fewer network reinforcements are needed and the balance of the network can be maintained better. The PowerMatcher has already been deployed previously on a much smaller scale in a trial in Hoogkerk in Groningen. New-build districts are increasingly being built all-electric, with a high concentration of heat pumps. These pumps extract heat from the soil or the air and thereby make no use of gas. That saves a lot of energy. However if all the residents draw electricity from their pump at the same time, it puts a heavy load on the network. That means that a heavy duty power network is required. Reducing peak load is the other option. The PowerMatcher matches energy demand and supply, which means that not all heat pumps need to be turned on at the same time. This gives a more balanced load on the network. The heat pumps’ consumption can also be matched to a surplus of electricity which might be generated in a wind farm when the wind is blowing hard. Regulating with PowerMatcher is therefore much cheaper and greener.