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Colorado Springs Utilities Smart Grid Initiative
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Lead Organization:
Colorado Springs Utilities
HQ Location:
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Project Contact Information:

111 South Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2210

Project Summary:

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), a community-owned utility provides with natural gas, electricity, water and wastewater services in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado [1]. Colorado Springs Utilities aimed to complete its Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project by 2010 [2, 3]. The successful completion of the AMR project in 2010 was a fundamental step in CSU's evolution to a multi-service smart grid. Through this AMR system and the associated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), CSU can capture reads for more than a half million electric, natural gas and water meters every day [4]. CSU started the project in 2005 by awarding the contract to Landis+Gyr, and Cellnet+Hunt managed this project for the implementation phase [2]. The AMR network is comprised of L+G Gridstream 902 – 928 mHz spread spectrum Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Network [4]. Later, an 'opt out' option was made available through which the customer's AMR meters are replaced with non-automated meters or AMR module is removed.

After the AMR establishment, Colorado Springs Utilities made plans to deploy some 1,900 smart thermostats and software applications from 2014-18, and the load-management program would be aimed at reducing load on distribution assets during peak power consumption. The thermostats would be equipped with Gridstream communications technology, notes Landis+Gyr, and would rely on the utility’s existing smart-grid network to communicate with sophisticated load-management software. During peak power events, the software would use accurate load information to determine the number of customer thermostats to control [6].

Additional Information:

- Smart Grid Foundation, CSU. URL: https://www.csu.org/Pages/smart-grid-foundation-b.aspx


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