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Public Service Company of New Mexico (PV Plus Battery for Simultaneous Voltage Smoothing and Peak Shifting)
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Lead Organization:
Public Service Company of New Mexico
HQ Location:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Project Contact Information:
 Steve Willard

Alvarado Square
Albuquerque, NM 87158

Project Summary:

Public Service Company of New Mexico and its partners co-located an 500kW/1MWh advanced lead acid battery with a separately installed 500kW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant to create a dispatchable distributed generation resource. This hybrid resource provides simultaneous voltage smoothing and peak shifting through advanced control algorithms and switches between two configurations, end-of-feeder and beginning-of- feeder. Data collection and analysis produce information for a wide range of applications including grid upgrade deferral. The project has also yielded modeling tools used to optimize battery system control algorithms and further the understanding of feeders with storage and distributed generation. The site is located in southeast Albuquerque.


- Advanced Lead Acid and Ultra Batteries from East Penn Manufacturing
- S&C SMS Power Control System
- Advanced Data Acquisition Syste

Targeted Benefits:

- Job creation
- Electricity costs reduced
- Grid efficiency increased
- Energy security strengthened
- Next-generation utility system advancement
- Greenhouse gas emissions reduced

Additional Information:

For more information about the project, please refer to:
- http://www.smartgrid.gov/project/public_service_company_new_mexico_pv_pl...

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