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Alliant Energy AMI Project
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Lead Organization:
Alliant Energy Corporation
HQ Location:
Madison, Wisconsin
Project Contact Information:

Alliant Energy
4902 North Biltmore Lane, Suite 1000
Madison, WI 53718-2148

Contact: http://www.alliantenergy.com/CustomerService/ContactInformation/AE_FRMD_...

Project URL:
Project Summary:

Alliant Energy Corporation headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin serves more than 1.4 million natural gas and electric customers in the states of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin [1]. The project started in early 2008 and as of May 2010, the company had put 455,000 electric smart meters and 177 gas meters in Wisconsin and 526,000 electric meters and 234,000 gas meters in Minnesota and Iowa [2]. In 2011, Wisconsin Power & Light, a subsidiary of Alliant Energy, reached full deployment. Interstate Power & Light in Iowa had a 1,000 meter pilot implementation to support its Sustain Dubuque Initiative which was fully deployed in 2010. Additional deployment in IA and MN had been deferred [3].

Alliant's AMI technology had been using remote two-way wireless communication to retrieve customer energy usage information at frequent intervals from customers' electric smart meters and/or natural gas meters via a Radio Frequency (RF) fixed network. A Meter Data Management System received and housed the data for analysis and use by other systems such as billing and power outage management [4].


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