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Not All Large Customers Are Made Alike: Disaggregating Response to Default-Service Day-Ahead Market Pricing
Hopper, N. and C. Goldman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and B. Neenan, Neenan Associates (A Utililpoint Company

For decades, policymakers and program designers have gone on the assumption that large customers, particularly industrial facilities, are the best candidates for real-time pricing (RTP). This assumption is based partly on practical considerations (large customers can provide potentially large load reductions) but also on the premise that businesses focused on production cost minimization are most likely to participate and respond to opportunities for bill savings. Yet few studies have examined the actual price response of large industrial and commercial customers in a disaggregated fashion, nor have factors such as the impacts of demand response (DR) enabling
technologies, simultaneous emergency DR program participation and price response barriers been fully elucidated.

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