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Con Edison Smart Grid Demonstration Host-Site Overview
Con Edison

This project targets development of interoperability techniques including the development of protocols and software to lever-age multiple types of customer owned distributed generation (DG) along with the integration of intermittent renewable gen-eration and commercial building demand response. In order to achieve the project objective, interoperability between the delivery company and the demand response resources is im-portant because Con Edison does not own or actively control the demand response resources. This project will demonstrate methodologies to enhance the ability of customer owned de-mand response resources to more effectively interface with electric delivery companies and demonstrate simple, safe, cost-effective methods of interconnection.

The primary business case for integrating customer-owned distrib-uted resources is related to a major reliability challenge of the Con Edison delivery system due to growth in demand, which has increased by 20% in the past decade and is projected to increase another 10% in the next decade. Given the large resident and working population and high infrastructure and load density, it is difficult to expand the delivery capacity. Therefore, increasing the ability to harness demand response resources is key to enabling Con Edison to maintain and enhance its high level of reliability. While enhanced use of demand response is critical, it is also a great challenge to harness such a resource, which is not typically under the complete control of the delivery company.

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