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A Standardized and Flexible IPv6 Architecture for Field Area Networks
Rob Kopmeiners, Phillip King, Jeff Fry, John Lilleyman, Sol Lancashire, LIU Dong, Feng Ming,, atrick Grossetete, Jean-Philippe Vasseur, Matthew K Gillmore, Nicolas Déjean, David Mohler, Gary Stuebing, Steve Haemelinck, Michael John, Bernard Tourancheau, Daniel Popa, Jorjeta Jetcheva

"This paper is intended to provide a synthetic and holistic view of open standards Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) based architecture for Smart Grid Last Mile Infrastructures in support of a number of advanced Smart Grid applications (meter readout, demand-response, telemetry, and grid monitoring and automation) and its benefit as a true Multi-Services platform. In this paper, we show how the various building blocks of IPv6 networking infrastructure can provide an efficient, flexible, secure, and multi-service network based on open standards. In order to discuss transition paths for electric utilities that deal with such issues as legacy device, network and application integration, and the operation of hybrid network structures during transitional rollouts, a follow-up paper will need to be developed."

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Technical paper