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Distributed Energy Resources Controller

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), like PV array fields, wind farms, etc, use computing technology to act as the interface for networks & protocols, incorporate local prime mover control, and coordinate demand-response of system loads. It provides a high level control for stationary or portable implementations of distributed resources.


Distributed Energy Resources (DER) controllers are used in metering and monitoring the electricity production from the distributed energy resources. Also, they are essential in balancing power production and consumption.

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
Cooper Power Systems 09/30/10
General Electric (GE) Digital Energy 09/30/10
Honeywell Process Solutions 09/30/10
Itron Inc 09/30/10
Schneider Electric 09/30/10


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