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Microgrid Control Software

Microgrid Control Software is designed for the on-line management and control of microgrid incorporating conventional utility power system and distributed power generation, e.g. solar power, wind turbines, battery storage, etc. It optimizes energy consumption in multi-energy source sites, whether they are focused on a single objective – such as minimizing the annual cost, carbon footprint, peak load, or public utility consumption – or a combination of objectives that vary by time, costs, energy source reliability, etc.


Microgrid control software can perform the job of a master controller for SmartGrid design, monitoring and electricity trading. Also, they monitor the MicroGrid’s power quality, utilization and capacity in a real time manner. Additionally, all transactions between public electric service and MicroGrid infrastructure and rate and pricing information can be tracked with the help of this type of software.

Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
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EDSA Micro Corporation

EDSA-Paladin Smart Grid is microgrid "master controller" that enables the on-line management and control of hybrid electrical power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, e.g., co-generation, solar power, wind turbines, battery storage, etc. Paladin SmartGrid is designed for the dynamic nature of alternative energy sources, to meet both energy management goals, and the high levels of availability and reliability. It is continually diagnosing system performance in real-time while making intelligent predictions about how to seamlessly transition from one energy source to another.

12/20/10 Ken Wood EDSA Micro Corporation


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