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Smart Appliance Interface (SAI) Unit

Smart Appliance Interface (SAI) is a multi-function unit designed for the home consumer. The touch-screen device communicates using ZigBee or Wi-Fi wireless technologies with smart meters, smart appliances, and smart thermostats installed in a home. The display panel gathers information from these Zigbee and Wi-Fi enabled devices in real time for the homeowner to review, in a format which is very user friendly. Energy consumers can make informed decisions and re-adjust their consumption according to the energy price fluctuations throughout the day,


Smart Appliance Interface (SAI) units allow interfacing with a smart meter in combination with a time of use pricing program. They also interact with smart appliances by reacting to fluctuations in energy prices instantly. Additionally, they empower consumers to better manage their energy usage based on real-time information.


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Key Technology Area: 
Improved Interfaces and Decision Support

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
General Electric (GE) Consumer & Industrial 09/30/10
Tendril 09/30/10


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