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Current Limiting Conductor (CLiC)

Current limiting conductors are a number of autonomous devices clipped on to the power lines for current automatic diversion from overloaded to other under-utilized lines so as to prevent thermal overload on the line, increase system capacity and enhance reliability by gradual increasing of the line series impedance triggered at a predetermined set point with no communication and self-organizing. The simple implementation of the current limiting conductor assures low cost.
The CLiC distributed series impedance device can operate remotely with preprogrammed logic at each CLiC device to inject or remove series impedance. The CLiC is coupled to the line at a transmission or sub-transmission tower and has the capabilities to be commoditized. The device can also control power flow and has the potential to balance the power flow between phases and between parallel lines and also to reduce transients. This device promises important system-wide benefits including increased system capacity utilization; increased reliability; improved operation under contingencies; incremental deployment since the device is modular; and fast implementation.


Current Limiting Conductors are primarily used to automatically divert current from overloaded to other under-utilized lines.

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