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Short Circuit Current Limiter (SCCL)

SCCL is a power line short-circuit current limiting device using high power thyristors to bypass a line series compensative capacitor that is connected in series with a preset-value series reactor. The device operates with zero impedance in steady-state conditions and with limiting-reactor impedance in case of a short circuit to reduce fault currents [1].
The SCCLs have the following advantages:
- Reduction in the series network impedance
- Improved current distribution at the feeder transformers
- Reduced load-dependent losses of the feeder transformers
- Increased reliability of the power supply [2]


SCCLs are primarily used to limit short-circuit current magnitude within acceptable limits of the system equipments.


[1] NETL, Compendium of Smart Grid Technologies. URL: http://www.netl.doe.gov/smartgrid/referenceshelf/whitepapers/Compendium_of_Technologies_APPROVED_2009_08_18.pdf
[2] Solving short-circuit problems with the world’s fastest switching device, ABB. URL: http://www.abb.com/cawp/seitp202/87cc46777b74be24c12575580049a8d8.aspx

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