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Static Shunt Compensator (STATCOM)

A static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is a voltage regulating device used on alternating current electricity transmission networks. It is based on a power electronics voltage-source converter and can act as either a source or sink of reactive AC power to an electricity network. If connected to a source of power it can also provide active AC power. It is a member of the FACTS family of devices. A STATCOM made from a Gate Turn Off (GTO) Thyristor can operate at 25% over capacity for a few seconds. Usually a STATCOM is installed to support electricity networks that have a poor power factor and often poor voltage regulation.


According to [1] STATCOMs have the following applications:
- Support for utilities with weak grid knots or fluctuating reactive loads
- Balancing unbalanced loads
- Arc furnaces
- Wind farms
- Industrial mills
- Mining shovels & hoists.

Key Technology Area: 
Advanced Components

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
ABB 09/30/10
American Superconductor 09/30/10
Siemens 09/30/10


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