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Load Control Receiver

Load Control Receivers are devices used to control loads directly or indirectly through a low voltage circuit such as an air conditioner thermostat or contactor. Load control receivers are generally located near the electric meter or air conditioners, strip heat, pool pumps and water heaters. In some models the light panel in the center of the load control receiver indicates what loads are controlled. Control events can be interrupted or will return to normal operation without receipt of additional commands.


Typical applications of load control receivers include residential water heaters, central air conditioners, heat pumps, single or dual heating systems, water wells, irrigation pumps, and swimming pool pumps & heaters. They are also used to temporarily interrupt power for demand response programs.

Key Technology Area: 
Advanced Components

Sample Vendors:
Name Product description Submitted on Submitted by Affiliation Contact information
Cooper Power Systems 09/30/10
Tendril 09/30/10


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