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Smart Meter

The SmartMeter system applies the programmable solid-state meter technology to provide two-way communication between the meter at customer side and the utility, using secure wireless network technology. The SmartMeter records hourly meter reads and transmits the reads via a dedicated wireless network back to the utility company. Each SmartMeter is equipped with a communication link, which transmits data to the utility company access point. SmartMeter electric meters can be upgraded remotely. They have the ability to implement future innovations [1].


Smart Meters are mainly used to monitor or read electric meters placed at customer homes from the utility locations remotely. They also find use in demand response programs which are part of the smart grid initiatives by the utilities.


[1] Pacific Gas and Light Smart Meters Page. URL: http://www.pge.com/myhome/customerservice/meter/smartmeter/howitworks/

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