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Static Var Compensators

STATIC VAR COMPENSATORS (SVCs) with reactive power capabilities have been used by utilities and industries to control reactive power flow for many years.
Small SVCs have been applied to industrial applications, principally for varying load situations. For industrial applications, the ratings of the SVCs are usually less than the utility transmission applications, and only positive VARs are usually required. In addition, since other users are not always affected as much, utility levels of availability may not be required. This means that industrial systems are usually smaller and less complex than utility systems [1].
The most common types of SVC are the thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR), the thyristor-switched capacitor (TSC), and the static synchronous compensator (Statcom).


- Stabilizing weak systems
- Minimizing line losses
- Increasing power transfer capability
- Providing greater dynamic voltage control


[1] Static VAr compensators-a solution to the big motor/weak system problem? , Lockley, B. Philpott, G., IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, Mar/Apr 2002, 8 Issue: 2, page 43 – 49

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