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Thyristor Controlled Series Compensators

Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensation (TCSC) is used in power systems to dynamically control the reactance of a transmission line in order to provide sufficient load compensation. The benefits of TCSC is its ability to control the amount of compensation of a transmission line, and operate in different modes. These characteristics are very desirable since loads are constantly changing and cannot always be predicted. TCSC designs operate in the same way as Fixed Series Compensation (FSC), but provide variable control of the reactance absorbed by the capacitor device.
An advantage of using TCSC is the damping of sub synchronous resonance caused by torsional oscillations and inter-area oscillations. The ability to dampen these oscillations is due to the control system controlling the compensator. This results in the ability to transfer more power, and the possibility of connecting the power systems of several areas over long distances [1].


TCSCs are used to dynamically control the reactance of a transmission line and provide sufficient load compensation. Also, TCSCs are used for the mitigation of sub-synchronous resonance risks as well as for power system interconnection.


[1] FACTS: Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensation, Jonathan Yu, Jawnsy’s Journal on Life, Software and Engineering. URL: http://jawnsy.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/facts-thyristor-controlled-series-compensation/

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