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D19: System Operator Uses Monitoring Data for Condition-based Maintenance Programs

This use case describes how the use of remote sensor devices could enable SCE to proactively monitor equipment in the field to make maintenance decisions based on the current conditions of those assets. This is referred to as condition-based maintenance, and stands in contrast to “reactive” or traditional “preventive” maintenance strategies that prescribe maintenance based on when assets fail or on the calendar, respectively. Under a condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach remote sensors provide operational and non-operational data to SCE back office systems both periodically (e.g. every 10 minutes or every hour, depending on the asset or data), and upon an event occurring. Analyses are automatically performed on sensor data using rules and algorithms that identify assets potentially in need of repair or replacement. This approach to monitoring and maintaining assets would enable SCE to identify equipment needing repair or replacement prior to failure. It would also allow SCE to optimize asset utilization over their useful lives. The business value of condition-based monitoring includes improved system reliability, reduced costs, and increased customer benefits.

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Southern California Edison
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