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Data Warehouse – The Utility’s Smart Grid Clearinghouse V3.0

This use case describes how the essential data elements are incorporated into The Utility’s smart grid clearinghouse. The data warehouse provides a persistent storage mechanism to integrate data from disparate systems for the purpose of reporting and analysis. The data warehouse receives a regular feed of information from smart grid systems via the Operational Data Store (ODS). All of these data feeds are processed through an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) mechanism, which perform the following operations as necessary:
- Extract the data elements of interest
- De-identify the data as needed
- Verify the quality of the data
- Report data problems
- Reduce or aggregate the data if needed
- Load the valid data into the warehouse
- Insure that all data is accounted for and none is duplicated
The design of the database is optimized for analysis and reporting given the metrics required and the data segments identified during requirements gathering. After the warehouse is populated via ETL processes, reporting, analysis and modeling are be conducted through the use of business intelligence tools.

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