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Scheduled Daily Bulk Read from AMI Head-End V3.0

This use case describes how a scheduled daily bulk meter read is accomplished. The AMI Head-End is configured to poll meter readings from every meter predefined in the group of meters “bulk read”. The configuration of the AMI Head-End allows to Poll the meter reads every 4 hours. This Use Case describes this schedules 4 hour bulk read. The scheduled meter read poll is initiated by the AMI Head-End which was pre-configured to do so on a pre-defined schedule with a predetermined group of meters (it can perform a bulk read of the whole meter population if configured to do so). The AMI Head-End uses the AMI network infrastructure based on a mesh radio architecture (please refer to AMI Network Use Case for all details concerning this function) in order to execute this task. Essentially, every Smart Meter within the bulk read group receives a meter read poll request from the AMI Head-End, passes the readings to the AMI network which delivers the data to its requestor; namely the AMI Head-End. The AMI Head-End then sends a copy of its data to the Operational Data Store (ODS) for storage and further analysis.

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