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Real-Time Pricing (RTP) - DER Device Management

The DERDevice management system controls the DERDevice(s) according to the DERDevice schedule. The customer’s CustomerBuildingAutomationSystem receives the RTP signals from the EnergyServiceProvider and performs optimizations on the best mix of load reductions and DERDevice function based on the customer’s criteria. At the beginning of each interval, the CustomerBuildingAutomationSystem sends the appropriate commands to the DERDeviceManager to initiate the DERDevice functions for that interval. The DERDeviceManger processes those commands, initiates the DERDevice utilization and monitors the DERDevice(s) for compliance with commands. Any failure to produce the scheduled DERDevice results in an alarm broadcasted to the CustomerBuildingAutomationSystem where the customer can take appropriate action. The monitored DERDevice activity is made available in real-time to the CustomerBuildingAutomationSystem where the data can be made available to the customer and

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