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Data Acquisition From External Distribution Management System (DMS) Network Monitoring Subsystem

This use case describes how an Energy Management System (EMS) could get analogue and status measurement data from an external Network Operations – Network Monitoring (NONMON) subsystem within a Distribution Management System (DMS). The measurement data could originate from a variety of sources including Remote Terminal Units (RTU), networked Intelligent Electrical Devices (IEDs), manual data entry or calculations within the Network Operations system. The NO-NMON subsystem will present all measurement information in a consistent manner regardless of the source. Data maintenance and Telemetry network maintenance are considered separate use cases but relevant Actors and Systems are shown for reference. This use case includes a very simple form of data discovery which returns a numeric key if a named measurement exists and an error return code if a named measurement does not exist. It is assumed that the EMS has some rules to define the set of names that it will attempt to discover. This use case assumes a single context for all information exchanges.

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